Construction Workers’ Accidents: Man Dies After Fall from Roof

Warmer weather is on the horizon, and construction work is expected to increase in Illinois due to more favorable conditions. With the increase of work, construction workers’ accidents are also likely to increase. Sadly, one man in another state recently suffered a fatal fall while working with a roofing crew.

While climbing a ladder to ascend the roof where his company was completing work, the 38-year-old worker slipped and fell. He suffered severe head injuries and was rushed to a hospital. Despite treatment for six days, he did not survive his injuries.

Medical personnel alerted authorities to the worker’s injuries and death, and an investigation occurred. Apparently, the worker was wearing a safety harness, but the harness could not be attached until after the worker was off the ladder and on the roof. Reportedly, he leaves behind a young son, and co-workers have rallied together to help assist with setting up a trust fund for the boy. In addition, the son should receive life insurance and death benefits from the company insurance policies.

Sadly, construction workers’ accidents continue to occur despite safety measures, and some are fatal as in this man’s case. Fortunately, most employers are required to provide various insurances to employees, including workers’ compensation. Workers’ compensation often has a benefit for some dependent family members when they become deceased due to an injury on the job. Illinois attorneys familiar with filing claims and obtaining compensation from the insurance can advise and advocate for family members through the process.

Source:, “State Police release more details in construction death case“, Don Lehman, April 17, 2018

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