Construction Workers’ Accidents: Man Blindend at Work

Some work injuries are easy to recover from, but others may result in permanent disability. Construction workers’ accidents can often cause serious and life-long damage because of the dangerous equipment and environment of many construction sites. Injured workers in Illinois may be interested in one man’s unfortunate ordeal and permanent injury that he suffered on the job.

The 44-year-old was employed by a company building the foundation of the building and installing flooring. His employer was not the main company building the structure but was a subcontractor. The man was a foreman and was inspecting jacks that were supporting the floor deck to enable the concrete foundation to be installed when the accident occurred.

Apparently, the jacks used to support the floor deck required plastic caps to protect workers from their sharp points. Unfortunately, one piece did not have the required cap, and the foreman accidentally turned his head into the sharp end. He underwent an emergency surgery, but the man is now permanently blind in one eye.

Typically, individuals who suffered similar construction workers’ accidents have filed a claim through their employer’s workers’ compensation insurance to cover medical costs and lost related to the accident. At some point in the process, the man filed a lawsuit against his company for failure to provide a safe work environment. The lawsuit was settled for $1.5 million before it proceeded to trail. Workers who have suffered similar accidents could benefit from the advice of an experienced Illinois lawyer to understand the best possible path for legal recourse.

Source:, “$1.5 million settlement for hard-hat in construction accident“, Frank Donnelly, Feb. 10, 2018

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