Construction Workers’ Accidents: Injuries at Large Rail Project

It is not unusual for large construction projects in Illinois to go over budget and beyond the predicted time frame they should take to complete. Weather, finances, the supply of materials and construction workers’ accidents can all delay the completion of a project. A large project in another state has recently been delayed additional time as a result of several injured workers at one of the active work sites.

The injured workers were a few of the estimated 1500 employees that were all working at 17 different construction sites of the large high-speed rail project in another state. The injured workers were completing work around a large rebar tower that was being built to support a bridge for the rail to cross the river. The tower fell and injured five workers in the process.

Reportedly, only two of the five workers needed to be transported for medical care. Besides the possibility that one worker may have fractured his back, details of the other worker’s injuries have not be disclosed. Work on the site has been stalled for the accident to be investigated by authorities and regulatory agencies. Although the project has been going on for three years, project managers report these were some of the first serious injuries.

Construction workers’ accidents can result in serious injuries and sometimes death. Although not all injuries require medical attention, serious ones can quickly accumulate necessary but expensive medical bills. Some workers may find it comforting to have an attorney in Illinois to help them understand how to file a workers’ compensation claim to assist with financial stress in the aftermath of an accident.

Source:, “Five High Speed Rail workers injured in construction accident, Cal OSHA says“, Gene Haagenson, Nov. 21, 2017

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