Construction Workers’ Accidents Continue to Increase

Despite safety gear and safe job sites, work site fatalities continue to occur in Illinois and across the country. A recent construction accident in a nearby state has resulted in an expert raising an alarm about the number of construction workers’ accidents that occur nationwide. The accident was related to a fall on the job site that resulted in two deaths and another injury.

A representative of the American Society of Safety Professionals is concerned about the number of construction accidents that result in fatalities. He says that accidents and fatalities not only continue to occur, but they are increasing. Twenty-one years ago, there were 561 documented fatalities, but in 2016 there were 849 fall-related fatalities on construction sites.

The increase in fatalities over the last couple of decades runs counter to the efforts made by the industry. Over the years, there has been a 160 percent increase in the amount of money spent protecting workers from falls and for safety training of workers. The Occupational Health and Safety Administration also has worked over the years to decrease the trend, but despite its efforts, the trend continues to increase. When an accident occurs, OHSA is alerted, and OHSA investigates accidents in order to help prevent future accidents.

Sadly, fatal construction workers’ accidents result in a complete change of life for surviving family members. Illinois lawyers who are familiar with these types of accidents are skilled in assisting a family to understand their resources during an unexpected transition. Some family members may qualify for death benefits through the workers’ compensation insurance program provided by an employer and regulated by the state.

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