Construction Workers’ Accidents: Big Rig Hits Worker’s Truck

With most schools on summer breaks, construction work on Illinois roadways is in high gear. Work must be completed on all roadways every year to ensure the safety and functionality for all motorists as they travel. Because most roads remain partially open to some traffic as work is being completed, there is an increased chance for construction workers’ accidents. Workers that have been injured on-the-job may be interested in one accident that occurred to a construction crew in a nearby state.

While a construction crew was setting up a traffic guide rail and orange cones to direct traffic away from the active work, a tractor-trailer struck a parked Department of Transportation vehicle. The worker in the vehicle was injured and trapped inside the vehicle. The tractor-trailer driver was injured as well but is expected to survive. The accident investigation is pending.

According to reports, the accident is not uncommon.  Many construction workers have stated that many motorists operate their vehicles in a construction zone distracted despite the warnings to drive with caution. Motorists are encouraged at all times to stop cell phone use, slow down and buckle up when driving especially when driving through a construction zone.

Because of the risk involved, many construction workers’ accidents can result in serious injuries. Medical treatment can become a financial burden, but most workers may be covered under workers’ compensation insurance. Unfortunately, many find the insurance cumbersome and complicated, but many also find the assistance of an Illinois attorney helpful when filing a claim.

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