Construction Workers’ Accidents: 2 Injured and 1 Killed

Work often provides a sense of purpose as well as income for an employee. When an accident results in an injury for an employee, it can be devastating emotionally and financially if work is missed. Construction workers’ accidents are especially prone to resulting in debilitating and/or fatal injuries for workers. Illinois residents may be relieved to learn that workers’ compensation insurance benefits are often available to employees following an on-the-job injury. The insurance benefits will likely be a source of relief as the medical bills accumulate for three workers who suffered serious injuries on a construction site.

The workers were part of a larger construction crew in charge of excavating land for the building of affordable housing in another state. The details of how the accident occurred have not been reported, but at some point, the excavated area collapsed, trapping three workers. Nearby crew members were able to pull two workers from the rubble and dirt, but one worker remained trapped.

The two rescued workers suffered injuries, but they are expected to survive. A nearby road was closed down as rescue crews worked to save the third trapped worker. Sadly, the third worker did not survive. Reportedly, agents from the division of Occupational Safety and Health were on site to investigate the accident.

Although workers’ compensation insurance is designed to offer financial relief to cover medical expenses that accumulate after construction workers’ accidents, it is often a difficult system to navigate. Illinois attorneys are familiar with the complexity of the state-managed system and are equipped to assist workers with filing claims. Injured workers may qualify for compensation for injuries and missed income at work, and families of deceased employees may qualify for death benefits through the same insurance.

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