The Challenge of Recovery Following Crush Injuries

Crush is not a word you like to hear describing injuries. Our industrial and agricultural economies, however, often cause the body to absorb terrible pressures, resulting in damage that, without expensive intervention and therapy, destroys the human tissue.

Crush injuries are associated with car accidents, factory work, construction sites, warehousing – anywhere workers may be harmed by being pressed between heavy objects.

Stamping machines are notorious for causing crush injuries. Standing between two parked cars or vehicles can have this effect. Falling merchandise and other objects can cause tissue to be crushed. Full-body crushing injuries are almost always fatal.

You can understand how challenging these injuries are to successful restoration to complete function. Crushing injuries result in bone breakage bleeding, muscle damage, bruising, tearing, infections and nerve damage. Microsurgery is often required to return the crushed body part to functionality. This level of intervention is more than many employers want to pay for.

Negative Outcomes

Workers who sustain on-the-job crush injuries face extensive recoveries. That’s if they are lucky. Many others face permanent disability and the end of employability. This in term creates acute financial hardships that most individuals and families are unable to endure. Along the way, many workers must deal with the psychological problems associated with crushing.

This is why it is essential to work with a workers’ comp attorney who has dealt with this level of injury, and the long road to restoration. A good lawyer will know the applicable case law covering your situation, and what past awards have been like.

The worst outcome results from trying to go it alone, and your employer cutting corners at every step to deny you the care you are entitled to under the law.

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