Accident in Construction Zone Results in Personal Injury

Construction zones on Illinois roadways can be dangerous for workers and for motor vehicle drivers traveling through them. Many distractions exist on the road and within a vehicle that may result in a driver not taking extra caution in a busy construction zone. Recently, at least three people suffered personal injury after a multi-vehicle accident occurred on U.S. 20 near a construction work site in northwest Illinois.

Reportedly, traffic had come to a stop due to construction on the highway just prior to the crash. The 66-year-old tractor-trailer driver apparently did not slow his truck fast enough to avoid a collision. He crashed into an SUV, which set off a chain reaction of three other collisions with three other vehicles.

Two drivers and a passenger were injured and their conditions are unknown. Authorities only reported that their injuries were “incapacitating.” Their injuries likely prevented them from leaving the scene of the accident on their own and probably required medical transport. There are no reports that the truck driver suffered any injuries, but he was issued a traffic citation.

Tractor-trailer accidents, such as this one, can result in significant property damage and personal injury. The significant size difference between a tractor-trailer and other vehicles on the roadways usually results in a disadvantage for smaller vehicles. Illinois personal injury attorneys are familiar with handling similar accidents involving tractor-trailer trucks and dealing with truck companies. Those people who have suffered injuries in a similar collision could benefit from speaking to an attorney about their rights and options to pursue claims for compensation to cover related financial losses.

Source:, “Illinois State Police: Semi truck accident in Jo Daviess County injures 3“, Chris Green, March 1, 2018

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