7 Common Fall Hazards You Could Encounter at Your Office

You spend a good chunk of the day at your office. So, this is an environment you may be incredibly familiar with. However, even very familiar work environments can have their dangers for office workers. So, whether you are just starting with a company or have been there for years, you may want to be on the lookout for potential hazards when at the office.

Offices Can See a Wide Range of Fall Hazards

Among the hazards you could encounter at work as an office worker are fall hazards. These dangerous conditions come in many forms. Here are seven common fall hazards you might want to keep an eye out for at your office:

  • Electrical wires or cords in walking paths
  • Inadequate lighting
  • Loose carpeting
  • Objects in walkways
  • Open desk or file drawers
  • Wet floors
  • Unstable chairs

Protecting Yourself from Fall Hazards at Your Office

What can you do as an office worker to try to reduce the likelihood of being harmed by such hazards?

For one, you could take steps to lower the chances of such dangers being present in your workspace. These include immediately closing drawers when you are done with them, promptly cleaning up spills and keeping the floors in your work area free of objects that could pose tripping risks.

Other things that can help include being aware of your surroundings when moving about the office and promptly reporting fall hazards you spot.

When Falls Occur at Offices

Even vigilant workers could end up experiencing a fall at an office. Following such an accident, you may be worried about the impacts the fall will have on your job and your life. The injuries from falls, after all, can be very impactful.

An important thing to know about office falls is that workers can have workers’ comp rights in connection with them. Workers’ compensation isn’t just for industrial workers, the system covers all different kinds of workers here in Illinois, including office workers. So, getting guidance on one’s rights related to workers’ comp can be important for an office worker following suffering a fall on the job.

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