5 Workers Compensation Facts Every Employee Should Know

Injuries on the job can dramatically inhibit the flow of finances you depend on each month. Thankfully, state workers compensation laws protect what you are entitled to. If you do not know these laws, you are vulnerable to unfair treatment after a work-related accident.

Employers and insurance companies are often less interested in your rights and giving the right amount of money owed. Don’t let this happen to you. Know the workers compensation laws to ensure a fair handling of injuries, medical bills, lost hours at work and more.

  1. You have a three year window for filing a claim— Don’t stop at filing with an employer and insurance company. Illinois Industrial Commission requires claims be filed with them during this time frame from the date of the incident. Filing sooner is always better.
  2. Work related accidents are entitled to rehabilitation– Injuries resulting from an accident at work entitles you to getting the medical attention and necessary physical rehabilitation you may need.
  3. You deserve compensation for work hours lost due to a work-injury– It is your right to receive compensated for the amount of hours lost at work due to an injury sustained on the job.
  4. Failing to report the accident to your employer may delay or deny benefit payments— Reporting the incident in writing or verbally right away to your employer is best than putting it off. It is a part of the process that if ignored or forgotten could greatly hinder your ability to have the compensation you deserve.
  5. Lost time payments do not have a specific end date— You can receive lost time payments as long as you are suffering from a temporary work-related injury and unable to work.

These are just some of the must-know laws associated with workers compensation in Illinois. You should begin researching relevant information to prevent an employer or insurance adjuster from not following what state law dictates for your unfortunate situation.

Anytime an injury at work occurs and your earning ability is in jeopardy you will need support against unfair outcomes.

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